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Related works

Energy consumption for the Itsy Pocket Computer was characterized in [8,7]. Power usage of a Palm Pilot was characterized in [5]. System power characterizations for notebook computers can be found in [13,14]. Recent LCD power management techniques can be found in [9,3]. All these works are hardware-centric and offer limited insight into how software consumes energy. There are also a number of software system energy characterization works. Energy for OSs, especially those used in embedded systems, has been extensively studied [6,2,27]. General software power estimation and optimization techniques have been investigated extensively as well [32,23,24,28]. However, none of these software works address the GUI. Surveys of user interface software tools can be found in [16,17]. GUI design for handheld computers has also been of research interest. However, most of the work in this area has so far been concerned with limited screen size and input methods. Interested readers may refer to [26,1] for recent research work.

Lin Zhong 2003-10-13