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Communication-sensitive binding

We add a weighted communication gain to the cost gain for DPU sharing moves. It is based on the unit-length switched capacitance of the data exchange between the corresponding two DPUs. This tends to merge DPUs which have intensive data-exchange between them. It is estimated as

G(A, B) =
\beta\sqrt{Area}(P_{sw}(A,B)+P_{sw}(B,A)) \end{displaymath}

where $A$ and $B$ are two DPUs of the same type (note that we only merge DPUs of the same type), $\beta$ is a constant weight to reflect the relative importance of the communication cost, $Area$ is the library area for the DPU, and $P_{sw}(A,B)$ is the unit-length switched capacitance for data transfers from $A$ to $B$. $P_{sw}(B,A)$ is similarly defined. A negative communication gain is defined for DPU splitting moves in the same way.

Lin Zhong 2003-10-11