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We aim at characterizing and improving mobile browser's performance. We report the first work that examines the internals of web browsers on smartphones. While prior work suggests that several compute-intensive operations should be the focus of optimization, our measurement and analysis show that their improvement will only lead to marginal performance gain with existing webpages. We find that resource loading, ignored by many prior works, contributes most to the browser delay. Resource loading includes the time spent to fetch one resource from the Internet and also how the browser schedules each loading request. We believe speculative loading will parallelize the loading of multiple resources and reduce the overall webpage opening time on mobile browsers.



  • Zhen Wang, "Speeding Up Mobile Browsers without Infrastructure Support", M.S. Thesis, Rice University, April 2012. (PDF)
  • Zhen Wang, Felix Xiaozhu Lin, Lin Zhong, and Mansoor Chishtie, "How far can client-only solutions go for mobile browser speed?" in Proc. the World Wide Web Conference (WWW), April 2012. (PDF, Slides, arXiv)
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  • Zhen Wang, Felix Xiaozhu Lin, Lin Zhong, Mansoor Chishtie, "Why are Web Browsers Slow on Smartphones?", in Proc. ACM Int. Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (HotMobile), March 2011. (PDF, Slides)

Source Code

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LiveLab Web Usage Dataset

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