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Interconnect-aware high-level synthesis

In Fig. 14, power reduction obtained as a result of incorporating interconnect-awareness into high-level synthesis for low power is shown. Interconnect-awareness is achieved by taking RTL interconnect power into account and using the two proposed metrics (see Section IV) to guide iterative improvement. Note that no signal gating is performed in this case. Compared with interconnect-unaware power-optimized (IUPO) circuits, interconnect-aware power-optimized (IAPO) circuits consume 22.3% less power on an average while incurring only 0.5% area overhead. Compared with area-optimized (AO) circuits, power is reduced by an average of 53.3% at an average area overhead of 44.3%.
Figure 14: Power reduction due to interconnect-awareness.

Lin Zhong 2003-10-11